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LIRA — the latest development of SIMICON Company — is designed to detect vehicle speed, measure the distance and record traffic violations.

The key feature of LIRA design is embedded laser speed sensor and two video cameras (overview and long-focus). This solution allows simplifying aiming at a particular car in a traffic flow. And the most important, it allows reliable determining the violator as a license plate is legible from a considerable distance.

LIRA represents a single-block device with a detachable handle. It is designed to be operated in stationary mode only and able to track oncoming and outgoing targets simultaneously both in hand-held or tripod-mounted configurations.

Additional Information

Key Features

  • Speed and distance measurement.
  • Simultaneous video recording in two modes (overview and zoom).
  • Simultaneous record of road traffic events in two ways: in “normal” mode to get wide-angle view and facilitate event analysis and in “zoom” mode to get the clear image of car license plate.
  • Stationary operation in hand-held or tripod-mounted configuration.
  • Automatic recording and saving the video clip in case of overspeeding.
  • Storing video clips and relevant data in non-volatile memory (SD card) in encoded format. SD cards of up to 32 GB capacity are supported.
  • Clear recognition of license plate number at distances of up to 180 meters.
  • High sensitivity of the cameras makes low-light surveillance (in the twilight) possible.
  • Displaying of target image along with measured speed, distance, date, time and current measurementmode.
  • PC software for data transfer and data integrity verification (included into delivery set). This software also allows printing document which contains set of images to validate a violation event.
  • Recharging from car's lighter socket.

Additional Features

  • Easy-to-use touch-screen LCD and remote control.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Ability to record and store video clips without speed measurements (Video Only Mode).
  • Additional battery pack (with standard photographic tripod mounting)which provides at least 11 hours of operation.
  • Automatic self-testing of main operation units at start-up.
  • Efficient energy-saving system (automatically switches to “standby” mode when not in use).
  • Calibration mode to test accuracy of laser aiming
  • Ability to connect to external navigation module to determine the GPS coordinates, and to bind them to recorded images.