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The «KRIS»P photo radar mobile system is on-line speed enforcement equipment designed for photo and video recording of traffic violations and able to transmit data to the police back office and/or to Mobile Station by Wi-Fi.

The "KRIS"P photo radar system consists of two main units: Mobile Photo Radar (MPR) and Mobile Station (MS).

Mobile Photo Radar

  • Photo radar sensor designed as leakproof single unit.
  • Tripod, battery box and power cable.
  • Transportation bag.

The sensor is installed on the tripod, placed at the side of the road and powered from battery box.

System setup (target direction, speed limit, location) is performed via web-interface using the Mobile Station laptop. After system start the gathered violation data is automatically saved on USB flash drive.

Mobile Station

  • Laptop with preinstalled specialized software.
  • Transceiver module, mounted inside the patrol car.
  • Communication unit and connection cables.

The Mobile Station is installed in a patrol car. The Mobile Station includes a laptop with specialized software and a transceiver module mounted inside the patrol car. The delivery set may include a battery box for self-contained power supply of the mobile station's equipment.
To ensure stable connection with Mobile Photo Radar, the Mobile Station should be located at max 1.5 km distance from the Mobile Photo Radar in the direct view area.

Additional Information

Key Features

  • Automatic photographing of overspeeding vehicles or vehicles going on reserved bus lane.
  • Imprinting recorded images with measured speed, date and time of violation, radar location and other additional information.
  • Correspondence of measured speed to vehicle on recorded image is guaranteed.
  • Automatic saving the obtained data in non-volatile memory (USB flash drive). This data contains the digital photo of vehicle, direction of its movement, measured speed, the speed limit, date and time of violation, sensor serial number, name of the place of violation.
  • Usage of unauthorized USB flash drives is not possible.
  • Surveillance and recording of violations not related to overspeeding.
  • Real-time observation of the images and data from sensor using Mobile Station laptop and wireless connection at distances up to 1.5 km.
  • Built-in infrared lighting for night time operation.
  • Low temperature proof housing, which prolongs the battery operation time during cold weather, available as an option.

The system is self-powered and tripod-mounted which enables selection of any comfortable place to operate.