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About Company

SIMICON company was founded in 1991 and primary focused on producing microwave control systems, including radar-detectors, safety systems, different car accessories.

Since 1996 the company changed the previous trend and focused on developing and producing traffic radars, speed meters and speed control systems. The long years experience allows company to successfully produce a wide range of products, including the simplest detectors and very complex automatic systems and software.

Featuring long-year experience, SIMICON company successfully develops and produces various speed metering systems for national traffic police: handheld traffic radar guns, photo and video recording systems to control traffic violations, automatic photo radar systems. 

Our company had provided the Government of Russian Federation within the Governmental Federal Targeted Program “SAFE ROAD DURING 2006–2012” with our speed enforcement systems.

There is a largest photo radar network in Russian Federation, which is built based on our "KRIS" equipment, situated in Kazan city, Tatarstan. And also, we keep supplying many tenders of various levels with our equipment.

Being widely known in Russian Federation, SIMICON Company successfully entered international markets, including Europe, CIS countries, North and South Americas, Asia, Africa and Middle East. As of June 2014 the more than 4000 fixed and mobile automatic photo radar system installations were completed.

SIMICON Company has more than 100 regional representatives and service centers in Russia and abroad.

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